June Photo Review – Wildlife

For our June 2020 Photo Review, we invite you to submit your best digital of WILDLIFE.

For this photo review, wildlife may contain any non-domesticated animal (no pets or humans). Images of animals in captivity are acceptable as well as those in nature. Be sure to use the information that was shared by our speaker, David Anglin in the May meeting. If you missed that or need a refresher, there’s a recording available.

RPS May Meeting – Wildlife Photography A-Z recording

As with all photo reviews, your image must have been captured within two years of the date of the photo review, thus an image captured before June 2018 would not qualify for this review.

Topic:  Wildlife
Where: Virtual Meeting
When: Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Judge:  Tom Wilson

Submit your entry

All image submissions are due by 4 PM on Sunday, 05/31/2020