January Kickoff Meeting featuring Parish Kohanim – 1/3/17

ella-red-sphere-iiParish Kohanim, a very successful commercial photographer for over 30 years opened his own Fine Art Gallery in 2004.  His work is represented in art galleries in the US and France.   A Canon, “Explorer of Light” since l994,  he gives presentations and workshops in the US and abroad educating and inspiring other photographers.  Parish is  an X-Rite Coloratti Pro and winner of the “One Show”, a Clio, other numerous awards and he was named “One of the World’s Top 100 Photographers”  three consecutive years by GRAPHIS.  Parish continues to renew his passion and love for photography by expressing the beauty around us in the constant flow of his luminous imagery.

Parish Kohanim’s presentations reveal a versatile and exciting career of over three decades.  He shares images taken throughout his successful years in commercial photography, giving “behind the scenes” anecdotes and revealing what it takes to put a major shoot together and execute it successfully. 

canon-explorer-of-light-logo-1Parish also shares his philosophy and passion about the art of photography. His presentations are educational as well as inspirational, giving tips on methods he uses for lighting, posing, composition.  Since opening his Fine Art Gallery in 2004, Parish has also added his fine art photography to  his presentation   These images include painterly portraits that are works of art, combining the subject and unique backgrounds in brilliant colors or soft, moody pastels.  His stunning, luminous black and white works demonstrate his expert use of multitudes of tonalities, creating his distinctive and unique signature and style.   Parish has been working with Cirque performers for the last few years and will be publishing a book on their incredible art, performing impossibly graceful feats of the human body.  The presentation includes brief videos; demonstrating how true artists strive for perfection in any field.   Parish encourages everyone to explore, experiment and enjoy, pushing them outside of their comfort zone.   

Parish exposes the beauty…. in all things that surround us in our every day lives…landscapes, florals, the human form and challenges others to do so as well.

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