2019 Meetings

Date Event  
01/03/2019                                        RPS Expo & Review
Meet our Sponsors,  Presentations by Robb Knight and Barry Glustoff of Digital Arts Studio and DOOR PRIZES !
02/05/2019 Photo Review 
Theme: Action
Judge: Mark Alberhasky
03/05/2019 Guest Speaker: John Mariana


Artistic Photography Today
    Artist Re-Presenting Reality
04/02/2019 Photo Review 
Theme: Street Photography
Judge: Forest McMullin

Guest Speaker: Peter Essick
From Fernbank to Drones

06/04/2019 Photo Review 
Theme: Abstracts
Judge: Steve Steinman
07/09/2019 Guest Speaker: Robin Davis
Seeing the Creative Spirit in Nature
08/06/2019 Photo Review 
Theme: Reflections
Judge: Robin Davis
2019 August Photo Review - Reflections  
09/10/2019 Guest Speaker: Andrew Michael Pilllips
People & Portraits
10/01/2019 Photo Review 
Theme: Landscapes
Judge: John Mariana
11/05/2019 Guest Speaker: Sara Keith
Introduction to Lightroom CC
12/03/2019 Year End Celebration