2023 Meetings

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2023 Photo Review Score Points

01/10/2023                                       Photo Review
Theme: Your favorite Photo (any photo you have never submitted for review–open–from any year)
Judge: Mark Alberhasky
02/07/2023Guest Speaker: Paul Peterson
Topic: Widening the Scope of Our Photography
03/07/2023Photo Review 
Theme: Rain
Judge: Robin Davis
04/04/2023Guest Speaker: Tom Wilson
Topic: Tom’s favorite places to shoot in Georgia.
05/02/2023Photo Review 
Theme: Black & White / Monochrome
Judge: Terrell Clark

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06/06/2023Guest Speaker: Peter Essick
Topic: Peter shares memorable photos explaining how he uses a theme to build a series of related images.
07/11/2023Photo Review
Judge: Brandon Magnus

08/01/2023Guest Speaker: Robin Rayne
Theme: How photographers can expand audiences and make their photographs stand out from the crowd.
09/05/2023Photo Review 
Judge: Katheryn Kolb
10/03/2023Guest Speaker: Michael A. Schwarz
Topic: Achieving an Intential Vision for Each Photo
11/14/2023Photo Review
Theme: Pets
Judge: John Mariana

12/TBD/2023Year End Celebration and Awards

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