April Photo Review Winners

Our first Virtual Photo Review was a success with over 40 members joining in the meeting!

Many thanks to  Kathryn Kolb for being our judge and providing great feedback on the Photo Review: “Make It Rain”.

Congratulations to the winners:
1st Prize:   “Peering Through” by Cheryl Tarr (20 points)
2nd Prize:  “Screen Drops” by Gittel Price (15 points)
3rd Prize:   “Rain’s Gotta Go Somewhere” by Rick Olsen (10 points)
4th Prize:   “Lonesome Drop” by Eric Burkard (5 points)
H.M.           “After the Storm” by Michael Lerch (1 point)
H.M.           “Be Prepared” by Michael Birnbaum (1 point)
H.M.           “Champs-Elysée by Jim Meloy (1 point)
H.M.           “Rain & Traffic” by Jim Smith (1 point)

To see the winning entries go here:
April Photo Review Winners

Here is a file with all entries to be used during the meeting.

If you were not able to join the meeting, here is a link to the recording:
RPS April 2020 Virtual Photo Review