2018 Meetings


Date Event  
01/09/2018 RPS Expo & Review
Theme: Your Best Image We Have Never Seen (Vintage)
Meet our Sponsors,  Presentation by Robb Knight and DOOR PRIZES !
02/06/2018 Guest Speaker: Jim Morganthaler
Editing and Post Production
03/06/2018 Photo Review
Theme: Landscapes
Judge: Carl Fredrickson
04/03/2018 Guest Speaker: Ed Wolkis
Architectural Photography
05/01/2018 Photo Review:
Theme: Black & White
Judge: John Grogan
06/05/2018 Guest Speaker: Kathryn Kolb
The Nature of Photography
Photo Review:
Theme: Architecture
Judge: Ed Wolkis
08/07/2018 Guest Speaker: Tom Wilson
Photographing Georgia
09/04/2018 Photo Review:
Theme: Patterns
Judge: Phil Bekker
10/02/2018 Guest Speaker: Judy Host  
11/06/2018 Photo Review:
Theme: Doors/Gates
Judge: TBD
12/04/2018 Year End Celebration