Expressions of Light Virtual Exhibit

Sadly, our Opening Reception had to be cancelled. Here is a gallery of all the images that are in the Exhibit.

RPS 2020 Expressions of Light Virtual Gallery Slideshow

Congratulations to all the Winners.

Architecture and Travel

1.              “Morning at the Taj” by Steven Steinman

2.              “Belfast Murals” by Mike Garver

3.              “Sitka Harbor” by Steve Grundy

HM           “The Corner” by Michelle Wittmer Grabowski

Landscape and Nature

1.              “Driftwood Beach” by Christi Herman

2.              “Woodland Scene in Raindrop” by Michael Lerch

3.              “Tremont Gold” by Travis Rhoads

HM           “Serenity- Monet’s Garden” by Rocky Moore

People and Animals

1.              “Pura Vida” by Ela Blanton

2.              “Androids” by Michael Burris

3.              “No Kidding!” by Tricia Raffensperger

HM           “They Call Me Rigby” by Michael Amos

Still Life and Abstract

1.              “Shadow Dance” by Niki Murphy

2.              “Reflections of Klimt” by Gittel Price

3.              “Journey Through the Aurora” by Monica Plummer

HM           “Waiting on Someone” by Ginger Kirk

Sponsor Awards

RVAC Award:                               “Wing Work” by Zale Similack

Blick’s Pick Award:                     “Watiting on Someone” by Ginger Kirk

DAS Award:                                  “Self-Portrait” by Leonid Slutsker

Peachtree Camera Award:            “They Call Me Rigby” by Michael Amos

2020 Expressions of Light Exhibit