February Photo Review – Action

Action photography

Allow others to feel the drama of the world as it moves.  A great action shot lets others experience the sense of motion and the passage of time.  Subjects can be spectacular or everyday events.  This can include images of Sports, Nature, People or objects that evoke a feeling of movement.  Images can display motion in the blur caused by moving past stable objects or as a freeze-frame of a moment caught in time. You should be able to sense the motion and not feel like things are just standing still.

Topic:  ACTION (Non-Vintage)
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Judge:  Mark Alberhasky

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All image submissions are due by 4 PM on Sunday, 2/3/2019.

About Our Judge, Mark Alberhasky

Photographer, physician, author and inventor, Mark has a unique talent among professional photographers. His photographic experience spans more than 40 years.

In 2004 he became a contributing photographer for Nikon, was featured in Nikon World magazine, and regularly shoots for Nikon advertising. Mark’s love for travel and unique eye combine to produce stunning graphic photos with bold, rich color. Always ready to pack his camera bag, Mark travels to the four corners of the compass to provide ever-changing backdrops in which he finds inspiration.

To see Mark’s work please visit: www.imagema.com