February Photo Review Featuring Don Yaun – 2/7/17

From the time he was in the 5th grade, Don knew he wanted to be a creative person. In 1977 he graduated from Ringling College of Art + Design, where he focused on Illustration & Fine Art.

After graduation he was working in graphic design and realized that photography was a valuable tool for advertising. In 1983 the company he was working for sent him to photography school. There he learned how to shoot slide film to get precise exposures, black and white film processing, the art of print making and the Zone System. He became familiar with small, medium and large format film cameras.

For 10 years he operated a one man design studio putting all of his skills to work. He was later offered a job from one of his accounts, and has been there for 21 years as the Vice President of Advertising. He manages all aspects of the company’s brand from advertising, product catalog production, marketing video production, graphic design and social media management. The biggest change has been the introduction of digital media. An early skillset learned by studying the work of Ansel Adams and dark room science when film provided 5 f-stops of latitude, allow him to finely control an exposure with the new digital sensors. As an art school graduate and a creative director with four decades in the creative industry, he has an objective eye for reviewing material, and providing constructive feedback from both a technical and artistic side.

February Theme: Black & White (Non-Vintage)


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