Field Trip: Lindale Mill, May 14, 2022

The cost is $40 per person and must be paid in cash to the operator who opens the property for photographers and film crews. We will be meeting at the Mill at 9:30am and staying for approximately 3 hours. The entrance is at 1st Avenue off of Park Avenue in Lindale. You will see the smokestacks at the entrance. Pull in through the chain-link fence and the operator will collect his fee and direct us to the parking area.


Lindale mill was an industrial textile factory built in 1903 by Massachusetts mills and was later sold to Pepperell Manufacturing, giving the community and school the name “Pepperell”. The mill employed 1903 employees and produced 1/7 of all textiles in Georgia. The mill closed in 2001.

Lindale mill is open to the public for photography, filming, and events by appointment.

This field trip is OPEN to ALL, members and non-members. We encourage you to bring friends and family! Sign up HERE to attend.

Date May 14

Lindale Mill
6 Park Ave SE
Lindale, GA 30147