New President and Board Members

It is with pleasure that we announce John Minnick as our new 2023 President!

John Minnick


John retired in Jan 2020 just before COVID became a global pandemic.  Retirement gives him a chance to enjoy his family including 4 children and 4 grandkids as well as his list of hobbies and charitable activities.  Photography has been an avocation since he got his first camera (Argus C3) as a Christmas present from his dad when he was eight.  Since those early days, John has always enjoyed photography and now has a chance to sort through his collection of well over 300,000 images including B&W negatives, 35mm slides, family heirloom pics and an extensive digital library of images taken with all sorts of cameras.  In high school, he was the yearbook photographer /editor and PROM magazine photographer.  Use of the school’s equipment including the darkroom gave John the opportunity to hone his skills when photography was quite different than it is today.  John has created many photographic collages, montages, and videos for his parish church activities in Roswell, GA.  Recently joining the Roswell Photography Society and now the Booth Photography Guild has allowed him access to a wide range of expertise, interesting speakers/classes and a network of new friends with similar interests.


For the past 2 decades, John has managed a global team of enterprise architects incubating new technologies to bring new products and services into the Atos Portfolio. The team is currently working with strategic partners and responsible for creating a framework for innovation technology sourcing, development, and integration to enhance intellectual property and drive revenue.

John brings a wealth of experience in the technology sector, having served in CIO and management roles in engineering, manufacturing, and information technology; leadership for five start-up companies; and proficiency across a wide range of software platforms. He is a member of industry councils, customer advisory boards and leads technology innovation teams. As the founding member of several industry-wide teams, he has been instrumental in guiding standardization of workplace technologies with documented savings of tens of millions per year.

John is the author of more than 100 technical articles including 17 IEEE whitepapers, a prolific Atos Scientific Community Blogger, quoted in dozens of online and trade magazines, a noted reviewer of software text books, and an event speaker at conferences, including Global Enterprise
Summits, Microsoft TechEd, sales conferences, industry councils, and customer advisory councils.

He is a Dale Carnegie certified team builder, winner of two graphical software development awards, as well as the coveted Tully Award for teamwork communications. John is an Atos Distinguished Expert and currently leads the Expert Community’s Domain-G Applications.

Welcome to the new members of the RPS Board

RPS 2023 Board of Directors

President – John Minnick
V.P. Programs – Ela Marie Blanton
V.P. Marketing & Events – Gittel Price
Treasurer – Ginger Kirk 
Secretary – Mike Lerch
Membership – Paul Peterson
Newsletters – Ela Marie Blanton

And thanks to all the hard work done by the 2022 RPS Board.  We will miss those not returning

RPS 2022 Board of Directors

President – John Mariana
V.P. Programs – Jim Edwards
V.P. Marketing & Events – Gittel Price
Treasurer – Ginger Kirk 
Secretary – Mike Lerch
Membership – Paul Peterson
Webmaster – Daryl O’Hare and Marisa Meisters
Newsletters – Jim Edwards