Photo Review: Your Favorite Photo (Print/Digital). January 10, 2023. 6:30pm.

Meeting has been changed because the Adult Recreation Center was subject to flooding. Please note that if you submitted photos for the Review Jan. 3rd, but cannot make the meeting the 10th of January, your photos will be reviewed.

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Theme: Your favorite Photo (print and/or digital–we are doing both categories again, so you have two opportunities to have a review if you submit in both categories). PLEASE NOTE! The print category must have a minimum number of photos to be in the review. Please take time to get in your submissions to be counted!

Time: 6:30 pm (Social time from 6 pm – 6:30 pm)

Location: Roswell Adult Recreation Center, 830 Grimes Bridge Rd., Roswell, GA 30075

DEADLINE to submit photos: January 5 at midnight (extended again because of holidays!). Submit photos via this link.

Judge: Mark Alberhasky

Our first meeting of 2023 will be held on January 10 at 6:30 p.m., and it will be held in person at our regular meeting place (Roswell Adult Recreation Center). This review will feature photos you have taken at any point in time, so long as they have not been submitted for any previous photo review, or displayed in any of our hung or virtual gallery exhibits including both juried-in and non juried-in shows (this includes Anna Lee’s, North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Roswell City Hall, Roswell Visual Arts Center, and Azalea Festival).  Dig into your archives to see what you can find!  Submit your images by midnight, January 5, 2023.  Our Judge is Mark Alberhasky.

You must be a member to participate in a review. To sign up for your 2023 membership, click on this LINK.

Submit photos via this link.

DEADLINE, January 5 at midnight (extended again because of holidays!).

Learn more about submission guidelines here

About our judge: Mark Alberhasky

Photographer, physician, author, inventor. A unique talent among professional photographers, Mark’s photographic experience spans over 50 years.

In 2004 Mark became a contributing photographer for Nikon, featured twice in Nikon World magazine and multiple times in the Nikon World calendar. His work has won awards internationally and placements are as diverse as commercial ads, magazine covers, textbooks, action sports publications, and corporate installations. An international speaker for clients including Nikon, Hewlett-Packard and X-rite, his presentations touch audiences worldwide. Whether hanging backwards out of a race car at speed, hovering inches from a surgical field in the operating room, or chest deep in water chasing a windsurfer, he finds unique combinations of subject and light. Mark taught 15 years for Pop Photo magazine as a Nikon mentor in the Mentor Series Worldwide Treks. He recently authored a book, Touched By Light: The Power to be Extraordinary, chronicling his career transition from physician to professional photographer. An inspirational guide for all creatives, it will soon be available on his website and in ebook format on Amazon.  You can find out more about Mark at his website: