Previous Themes

Jan Open
Feb Open (vintage)
Mar Roswell
Apr Open
May Silver
Jun Open
Jul Open
Aug Open
Sep Smooth
Oct Open
Nov Vehicles (vintage)

Jan Open (vintage)
Feb Architecture
Mar Trees
Apr Open
May Glassware (vintage)
Jun Open
Jul Wildlife (no pets)
Aug Open (vintage)
Sep Green or Sepia
Oct Open
Nov Window

Jan Open (vintage)
Feb Long Shutter Speed
Mar Texture
Apr Open
May Inclement Weather
Jun Old Building Details
Jul Open
Aug Flowers (vintage)
Sep Shadows
Oct Open
Nov Light

Jan Open (vintage)
Feb Motion/Movement
Mar Abandoned/Discarded
Apr Open
May People
Jun Nature/Outdoors
Jul Open (vintage)
Aug Abstract Repetitive Shapes/Patterns
Sep Churches/Graveyards
Oct Open
Nov Abstract

Jan Open (Vintage)
Feb Food
Mar Music
Apr Primary Colors
May Open
Jun Unusual Perspectives
Jul Flowers
Aug Repeating Patterns
Sep Water or Liquid
Oct Open (Vintage)
Nov Automobiles

Jan Open (Vintage)
Feb Reflections
Mar Abstract
Apr Decayed / Abandoned
May Closeup
Jun Fog/Mist
Jul Open (Non-Vintage)
Aug Silhouttes
Sep Wild Animals / Wildlife
Oct Paths / Roads
Nov Architectural Detail

Jan Open (Vintage)
Feb Landscape
Mar Reflection
Apr People
May Flowers
Jun Animals
Jul Patriotism
Aug Open (Non-Vintage)
Sep Abstract
Oct Graveyards
Nov Motion / Movement

Jan Open (Vintage)
Feb Repetitive / Patterns
Mar Glass
Apr Emotion
May Indoor Natural Lighting
Jun Food
Jul Rural America
Aug Long Exposure
Sep Hot or Cold
Oct Black and White
Nov Inclement Weather

Jan Open (Vintage)
Feb Three
Mar Texture
Apr Out Of Place
May Morning / Evening Light
Jun Water
Jul As American As Apple Pie
Aug Daily Life
Sep Hands and/or Feet
Oct Trains, Planes, and/or Automobiles
Nov Trees

Jan Open (Non-Vintage)
Feb Black & White
Mar Tell a Story
Apr Still Life / Abstract
May Bits & Pieces
Jun Travel
Jul People / Animals
Aug Night Photography
Sep Nature
Oct Urban Landscapes / Street Photography
Nov Transportation