March Speaker – John Mariana

Artistic Photography Today – Artist Re-Presenting Reality

Photographic Artists make Photographic Art, not take them, shoot them, capture them or snap them.  They see the world differently and then show others how they see and feel the world.  The final artistic print is their representation of the world through their eyes, mind, heart and creative artistic talents.  The tools of the craft are a camera and a lens but the print is result of their artistic vision. 

Ansel Adams said: The image taken in the field, although very reliant on proper technique, was merely the canvas from which to work his darkroom artistic magic.

Digital images are imported to Photoshop or other editing software.  Optimization takes place including the digital blending of different versions of an image and the use of completely separate images.
Photographic software was introduced 20 years ago.  Today photographic artists create new.

Re-Presenting Reality is not new.  When Carlton Watkins photographed in the late 1800’s the film could not record blue tones.  Skies became pure white in a print.  He used a second negative of clouds and added them in the darkroom to many of his images from Yosemite.

Speaker:  John Mariana
Topic:  Artistic Photography Today – Artist Re-Presenting Reality
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 7:00pm-8:30pm

About Our Speaker, John Mariana

John Mariana is a renowned photographer and popular educator of photography expertise.  He has conducted numerous workshops across the United States as well as volunteering time to speak at functions, museums and prominent photography groups. John is regularly sought by professional photographers for private mentoring.

In 1980 John began using photography in connection with his art background to create color images. By 1984, large format black and white prints became his specialty. John’s early artistic training combined with photography gives his images a unique visual and emotional presentation. Today, John makes photos in digital format to bring a new and different look to his work with primary focus on his unique color palette with visual and emotional presentation. He has won numerous awards for his large print images and regularly donates his work and talents to non-profit endeavors.

His first book, Visions of Scotland, was published in 2008 with dramatic images of churches, abbeys, castles and the whimsical aspects of Scottish life. Presented as a photographic guide through the South Borderlands and the Highlands, it was followed by, Visions of Italy, a beautiful fine art book with impressive images of Venice, Florence Tuscany and Rome.

John is a founding member of the Booth Photography Guild at the Booth Art Museum in Cartersville, GA.

All that is in my field of vision is nothing more than a “snap shot” if it has not stirred my heart to feel emotions and excited my mind to see colors, shapes, compositions. My final images may not actually exist in the real world. The painting artist puts on paper or canvas what he sees and then changes through his style of art.

As a “Photographic Artist” I depict the world as first seen within my mind. My heart provides the emotional content. Color, light, shadows and special relationships are combined to bring you into my world, to have you feel the world as I feel it.

My specialty is seeing and presenting the world in my style,
in my color palette and filled with the emotions I want you to feel.

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