February Photo Review – Shafts or Rays of Light

For our February 2020 Photo Review, we invite you to submit your best digital and print images of Shafts (or Rays) of light.

Shafts of light can be natural or man-made.  Natural shafts of light are abundant in the winter months and could be low-lying sunlight creeping in through windows, doorways, streets or alleyways, but you can also create your own light (i.e. studio lighting). You may capture a single shaft or ray or multiple shafts of light. It’s up to you. Your image may contain a subject that is extraordinary or mundane, but in all cases, your shaft(s) of light must be the real star of the image.

As with all photo reviews, your image must have been captured within two years of the date of the photo review, thus an image captured before February 2018 would not qualify for this review.

Topic:  Shafts or Rays of Light
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Judge:  Phil Bekker

Submit your entry

All image submissions are due by 4 PM on Sunday, 02/02/2020

About Our Judge, Phil Bekker

Born In Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe ), Phil studied commercial photography in South Africa & England, later moving to the United States, where he achieved his Master of Fine Arts Degree.

Exhibited, collected and published extensively around the world, Phil offers clients photography with a distinctive color-saturated, graphic and often abstract style. He is perhaps most widely recognized for his innovative Polaroid work, some of which is in The Polaroid Collection and included in the global exhibition, ‘Polaroid 50; Art and Technology’, which premiered at Photokina in Germany and also featured such artists as Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, and Brett Weston, amongst others.

Award publications include: Communications Arts Photography Annual, Applied Arts Photography Annual, Graphis Photography, Poster and New Talent Annuals, Photography Selected From The Graphis Annuals, Print’s Design Annual, International Color Awards, Photographers International, Zoom and La Fotografia.

Clients have included, Bell South, Buchtal Tiles, CDC, Cit Group, Coca Cola, Contel, Corporate Aircraft Partners, Corobrick, Georgia Power, Honeywell, Lilletts, Meaver, Mercedes Benz, Nortex Mills, Orkin, Pierre Cardin, Playtex, Psygnosos, Ritz Carlton, San Destin Resorts, Selectics, Sherwin Williams, Siemens, Southern Bell, Southern Sun Hotels, USArchitecture, Unilever, Zweigart.

Collectors include: Hyatt Group – Paris, France, Saks Fifth Avenue, Polaroid International Collection, UPS Consulting, Grant Thornton, Mrs A Cox Chambers, Dow Lohns & Albertson, Drew Eckle & Farnham, Silvercreek Country Club – San José, Judith Ripka, Mrs D. Jansen, DR. J Massey, Dr J Murray, Dr & Mrs Saks, Mr & Mrs Maloof, Dr & Mrs P Delport, Mr I Lowenstein and many more corporate and private collectors.