Field Trip: Dragon Con’s parade and post-parade photo-ops, Saturday September 2, 2023, 8:30AM

Dragon Con is an annual multi-media and pop culture event held on the Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta. It provide a great opportunity for photographers to capture attendees who dress in a great diversity of costume.  The event spans Thursday, August 31, 2023 through Monday, September 4.   A parade takes place on Saturday morning, which provides the greatest opportunity for photographers who do not want to pay venue-entry fees.  Following the parade, those who participated stroll the downtown Atlanta sidewalks, offering further opportunity for we photographers to capture some great posed or street shots.

A number of us from the club plan to take Marta train down to the Civic Center station and then walk east to the 85/75 overpass bridge that is just north of the Peachtree St NE and Ralph McGill Blvd NE intersection. This is where Paul Peterson took pictures the past couple years.  After the parade, its a short walk down to the most traversed sidewalks.

The parade begins at 10am.  So we will want to get there an hour earlier, to get the best curb spots on the south side of the bridge mentioned above.  Meet us there at 9-ish or at the North Springs Marta station platform at 8:30.

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