November Meeting: Travis Rhoads – Art of Long Exposure Photography

At our meeting on November 2, Travis Rhoads,  shared some of his techniques and experiences related to the creation of compelling images using Long Exposure.

A recording of this meeting is available at this link: Art of Long Exposure

Art of Long Exposure Photography Presentation

The landscape changes when the shutter is left open for a longer duration.  Long Exposure photography transforms static still images into dramatic, dynamic and ethereal Long Exposure photographs.  Long Exposure has been a primary element in my photography for many years now, and is my favorite way to communicate my vision for a place in time to the audience.

The “Art of Long Exposure Photography” presentation focuses on the techniques, camera tools compositional tools, and the movement of natural elements that are unique to Long Exposure Photography.  The presentation will review the basic camera gear needed and will cover the wide variety of conditions where Long Exposure photography can have dramatic impact on the final photograph. 

See more of Travis’ work at:

RPS November 2020 Meeting

:  Night/Long Exposure Photography
Where: Virtual Meeting
When: Monday, November 2, 2020
Speaker:  Travis Rhoads

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